Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rending and Mending Follow-up

In September, National Yoga Awareness month, I posted "Rending and Mending" as part of the MPH@GW YogaMatters blogging contest, sharing how yoga has played a powerful part in my own journey to wholeness. I'm very excited to see that the winners have been posted! I've only had time to read a portion of them, but I'm looking forward to the rest and am honored that "Rending and Mending" received an honorable mention among some great posts.

The first place winner, Ashley Skow, has an amazing story. Cystic Fibrosis had cut her lung capacity in half, but she defied her medical prognosis. Margaret Felice uses yoga to help her cope with the physical and mental challenges of Crohn's Disease, and Caitlin Grant found that yoga helped free her from perfectionism. Margaret and Caitlin placed second and third, respectively. One of my favorites from the honorable mention list is by Elisa Vannini, whose post about overcoming anxiety is all too relevant to all too many in our pressure-cooker world.

So rather than post something of my own this month, I encourage you to explore the posts compiled on the YogaMatters blog page. Even if you've never tried yoga, you may find that someone's story resonates with your own.

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