Thursday, January 16, 2014


Welcome to The Whole Life Journal blog.

Wholeness—living a life that completely integrates the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of our being—is a concept that’s gained a prominent place in our popular culture.

Perhaps its growth can be attributed to the fragmentation and materialism so prevalent in our society. Perhaps we’re proving to ourselves beyond the shadow of any doubt that the status quo can best be likened to a broken cistern: The most heroic efforts to fill it must fail. What one does manage to obtain is contaminated and fails to impart the life desired.

To live a whole life encompasses more than the integration of body, mind and spirit, however. It’s the realization that we are inextricably entwined with the countless strands that comprise the tapestry of life on planet earth. 

In its grandest proportions, it takes in our relationship to the whole world. A brief perusal of the current headlines illustrates that “no man is an island.” Economic, political, social and environmental developments anywhere on the globe have repercussions on the individual, and one person’s actions can have ripple effects that impact the nation or the world.

On a smaller scale, it takes in the relationships we have with our families and loved ones, neighborhoods, workplaces and communities. The dynamic interactions of those relationships impacts all—good or bad, intentional or unintentional.  Action or inaction reacts back onto one's own body mind and spirit. What we sow to the world, we reap to ourselves.

Whole living, then, is intentionally living to cultivate our own well-being and the health, prosperity and happiness of the planet and all living upon it. 

The Whole Life Journal blog is a small slice of cyberspace devoted to exploring ideas and issues that promote whole living.


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