Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Eve Message from Space

Earthrise from Moon, NASA, Apollo 8, Public Domain image

I was going to post a link to my latest article in The Appalachian Voice today, but it seemed out of season, and I decided to save it for a Throwback Thursday post after the holiday. I was wondering what to post instead, when I stumbled across a link to this video of a Christmas Eve message from space on my Twitter feed. It's definitely a Throwback Thursday post: I was only two years old when this message was broadcast. We won't talk about how many years ago that was, but the date of the image is available, if you want to do the math.

Whenever I view a video from space, I'm struck by the absurdity of some of things we strive for and fight about. A Christmas Eve message probably isn't the best time to bring up divisive issues, so I'll just leave this thought:

One planet, one people, one lifetime.

Wishing everyone peace and joy during this holiday season!

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